Garage Door Openers

It must be annoying when you came back home from work and you can’t open your garage door. The reason maybe is not the garage door itself but your garage door opener. You must check all the mechanisms first before jumping into conclusion. But if you do not know the real cause of malfunctioning garage door, please contact Universal Garage Door Repairs at 262-269-316.


In German Town, we are the most preferred garage door repair company. Most homeowners and business owners invested their trust and loyalty to us. They even recommend our service to others and consistently gave us awards and recognition from various online review sites. Why we are the best? Simply because of the dedication and hard works= of our technicians and the rest of the employees.

At Universal Garage Door Repairs, we always wanted to show how good we are in this field. We may not be competing with others, but we can say that we are the most excellent one. In our years of experience in the business, we can say that we manage to make our clients happy and fully satisfied. Since we’ve been locally owned and family operated, our connection with our customers has been kept and will always be treasured. Part of our relationship is to value your money. With that in mind, we want to provide garage door openers that are made of high technology at the lowest possible price. Not only that, all of our garage door opener collections here come with a year of warranty which can also be extended.



With our fast and excellent services, we have happy customers in the entire city of German Town in WI. When your garage door opener doesn’t work, it is easy for the homeowners to feel annoyed. This can be a setback for you to be able to perform your daily routine which is really a hassle. You should have access to your garage door the sooner the better no matter what. For fast garage door opener repair and installation, trust only Universal Garage Door Repair. We provide guarantees on all of our works and products. When you call us, we will quickly analyze your garage door opener needs and we’ll get the job done promptly and efficiently. If you need the installer for your garage door opener, give us a call and let us prove to you how good we are with all of your garage door opener repair and installation services.


The best thing to do when you are experiencing issues on your garage door opener is to seek help from the experts. Universal Garage Door Repairs in German Town we are available to serve you whenever you are feeling the need to reach us. Call us any time on any day of the week. Our employees are prepared and readily available to assist you when it comes to your garage door opener repair and installation needs. Call us at 262-269-316 to schedule an appointment with Universal Garage Door Repairs today!